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First thing to do right now is:  Go to the bottom left of this page and hit the play arrow on the media player...  and turn it up!

We had to cancel this event due to the Corona Virus 

We will be re-scheduling furthur on down the road once we get past this Virus.    When the all clear signal has been givin, and people are free to gather, rejoice and celebrate, then the event  will be back on again.    After being couped up for so long it will be one hell of a party!

We have just pre-released "Blue Pacific" the CD !

Available right here, right now on this site!!   

Go to the Merch page right now and order yours, it's free shipping and in stock!!

Review of "Blue Pacific" by Ted Banks

Holy cow!  I love this album!!!  

The first few songs were way cool and made me think, if Henry Mancini played a Strat and wrote surf music this is exactly how it would sound.

Then it transitioned into a more familiar, heavy and classic SK’s vibe (Hot Sauce!).  Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better you “Released The Kraken” on us and then nicely brung it full circle and wrapped it up with a killer surf vibe (The Deep). 

I think all the songs and the sequencing on this album are well written, thought out perfect!  Thank you for giving us (friends and fans) this album.  It was totally worth the wait!!!

Review of "Blue Pacific by Bob Steingraber

Your use of dynamics, tempo changes, guitar harmonies, and all the shades of light and dark made for some spectacular music.. Goosebumps for me!