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 This just in!!!   

We are playing the Encinitas Holiday Street Fair on Sat.Nov. 20th from 11am to 1pm.  We are on the Lumberyard Courtyard Stage.    Go to  https://encinitas101.com/event/29th-holiday-street-fair/       for more information.

We have been in the studio and have created 5 FREE tradional classic's for you guys.  They are free off our Merchandise page.

We just uploaded 5 classic songs that we worked hard on recreating in every detail, Surf Rider, Baja, Penetration, Walk Dont Run and Apache.   We wanted to do these songs as close as possible to the originals.  For us it was about paying repect to these great songs and the artist's that created them.   We now have a better understanding of how these songs were written and recorded, to capture the feel and energy of that time and in doing so to make us a better band.    Check them out now on the Merchandise page and they are all FREE! 

And to go along with those new tracks we just posted our latest video "Surf Rider" on the Video page go check it out, it is really cool.